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based on this au promt

Dean is bored off his mind. It is the doctor’s office, what did he expect; well he expected to be called in first since he’d made an appointment a week ago. Every minute that he passes in the soft chair, in the pistachio green waiting room, he slides a little closer to the ground. He groans internally every time the nurse (Meg) calls someone different.

Jody Mills, Ellen Harvelle, Pamela Barnes(though he wouldn’t mind if he followed her in to her appointment, because damn.)

The door to the waiting room pushes open, in comes a tall man. Sex crazed hair, blue eyes, thin lips, and a fashion statement that Dean wouldn’t mind helping him with. (Who wears trenchcoats in the middle of summer?Weirdo over there. The same weirdo that is incredibly gorgeous now that he looks at him right. The same weirdo that he wouldn’t mind to blow him. The same weirdo that, out of all the empty seats in the waiting room, decides to sit next to Dean. Shit.

Dean clears his throat. If he’s going to be waiting for ever, he might as well have some fun.Or as much as he can before being figured out.

His mind starts to wander.

They’re in the examing room, weirdo is there with him. But he’s the doctor. Come on Dean, you gotta be a bit more smooth in your fantasies and stop calling him weirdo. Doctor Blue Eyes, stands above him, nothing but his lab coat and bottom scrubs on. ‘Undress’ he says to him and Dean does. He’s down to just his boxers and he smirks at his erection. ‘On the table please’ he follows, and does. ‘Hm, Mr Winchester, it seems to me that you need a bit of release’ and the man is down on his knees, pulling down the waistband of his boxers and taking Dean’s dick in his mouth. 

Shit. he went too far. He can feel his erection growing and straining his jeans. He clears his throat. When it hits him. Shit, what if this guy is a mind reader. What if he’s like Professor X.

He turns his head a bit, and so does Blue Eyes, and the guy gives him a genuine smile.

Dude, if you’re a mind reader cough

And he does. Dean is out of his seat and running out of the doctor’s office in a heartbeat.

"Dean Winchester?" the nurse calls. And she calls again. Blue Eyes figures Dean must be the guy that just stepped out.

"He stepped out for a bit, I’ll go call him" he says, as he’s heading out the door too.

Dean is at the corner ready to cross the street when Blue Eyes calls him.Shit.

"Dean?" he asks, "Uh, hi, My name is Castiel, the nurse just called for you."

"Dude, I am so sorry." Dean blurts out, and Castiel (huh. nice name) is staring at him with a confused look.

"Dean, its okay, its just three steps, I didn’t mind following you out here to let you know." Huh. maybe he’s not a mind reader.

They go back inside, Dean getting his check up done, and he waits for Castiel. After Castiel is out, he asks him out for some coffee.

"Gotta make it up to you buddy" he says and Castiel smiles.

At the coffee shop Dean tests his theory out.

Dude, if you can read minds, cough right now

And he does. And he coughs again. And again. 


"I’m sorry, I’m recovering from a bad cold. And still have coughing fits every once in a while."

Dean lets out a breath of relief. He’s safe.

And then Castiel winks at him. Shit.

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Fact: Asexuals can’t have a sex drive because they don’t have a sex license.


This has been a psa about Aesthetic Attraction by me


see how dirty i can get them
pulling out their fragile teeth
and clip their tiny wings


A place to rest his head in a song you'll regret
Still you take him
Lord knows I don't want to compete