accidentally swapped phones with someone at a party and don’t realize until their mom calls in the morning and you spend like three hours talking to this hilarious woman about life and when you go to her house to return her kid’s phone wow the kid is the really good kisser from the party last night au

thirteenredvampirebites asked: If you're taking prompts, I have one for you. So what about a continuation of the wild angels au where it's mating season and Dean is to choose a mate (obviously he chooses Cas). Smut ensues.


 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5

Having accepted a mate, Dean began to feel his first heat rise within him. He was drunk with it, and the aching need deep within him was almost unbearable. He didn’t care that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of angels here. He wanted nothing more than for Castiel to claim him in front of them all.

The Alpha laughed gently against his hair, stroking Dean’s back where he was pressed tightly against his chest. Dean fluttered his wings in desire, catching the underside of Castiel’s larger feathers where they were pressed over his, and smirked at the startled—but aroused—gasp from the blue-eyed angel above him.

“Please,” Dean whimpered, pressing himself even more closely to his Alpha. “Cas, I need you.”

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Anonymous asked: oooh that wild angel verse has me hooked (dammit). can you write maybe the migration for mating season and some of the actual season if that doesn't go too long? i really loved how you ended that last part and i'm BEYOND curious now.


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The sky began to grow darker by the day, and Dean could practically feel the heavy air. Castiel was starting to act strange, too. He seemed worried and on edge, and Dean noticed that he was going out with the hunting parties more and more frequently. Dean noticed that Sam was growing restless too. Balthazar and Inias no longer allowed him to go on their daily patrols, and so the young Alpha was stuck in the grove with nothing to do.

Dean tried to keep him as busy as possible, but it was hard. He knew that everyone was preparing for the migration, and Dean felt like the best place for him and Sam was in the nest, safely out of the way of the other angels. Sam was still a child in the eyes of the clan, and Dean was treated like one despite his physical maturity.

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Types of people who romanticize small town life:

  1. People who didn’t grow up in small towns





Nargynargy's incredible wincest fanart were some of the first I ever saw, and to this day remain among some of my very favourite works of these two beautiful brothers and the love they share.

Happy 9th birthday to both Supernatural and to Wincest. <3333

“Why are you here?”

Dean blinked, considering lying but seeing no point in it. “I’m supposed to be slaying the dragon that lives here.”

“Ah. Well, go ahead then, I won’t stop you.”

“Well—where is it?”

The guy just looked at him, eyebrows raised.

Okay, try again. “Who are you?” And there’s the question of the hour. Clearly, seeing as the man finally gave Dean his full attention, standing up suddenly and stepping forward so that Dean found himself face to face with the guy, mere inches away. He couldn’t make himself step away, back down, break eye contact, even blink.

“My name is Castiel,” he began. “You probably only know me as the dragon.”

(Dean/Castiel fairy tale AU in which Dean is a prince who goes to slay a dragon, and Castiel is cursed to turn into a dragon every night.)


Hey everyone! My sister and I just made this forum and we would like you (yes you) to join. (: We are just getting started so it’s a little empty right now but we want to change that.

We will have:

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I can’t win tonight. I was comfortably laying in bed with a beer, when my cat started eating a plastic bag. I went to pick it up and knocked over my beer, ALL over my sheets, mattress, and down comforter. I stripped the bed, dried it as best I could, then decided to rotate the mattress so I wouldn’t be sleeping in a wet spot. In doing so, I managed to knock almost everything off my bedside table, and completely break my iPad wall mount (also nearly detaching a chunk of wall/paint/idk about the size of my thumb). I remade the bed, and went to turn on the bedside lamp so I could get ready for bed, and who would’ve guessed, the bulb’s filament broke when the lamp crashed off the table. Luckily I had ONE bulb left in my apartment and it was the right wattage.

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Finally found the time to jump on the bandwagon. I can’t wait for season 10.
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